Fishing Report

Fishing Report 1/19/2020

Good ice has finally formed on lakes throughout the Brainerd area. Unfortunately, the forecast calls for more snow which will probably lead to more slush.

Walleye anglers have been taking lots of fish from Gull Lake, with an all-day bite occurring quite frequently. Hubert, North Long and Round lakes are also giving up fish, but generally during low-light hours.

Crappies, bluegills and northern pike remain active in many of the smaller area lakes. Some of the green weeds are beginning to die-off so the weed line bite is slowing down as fish transition to the basin areas.

Fishing Report 1/10/2020

The bluegills and crappies remain active on the smaller area lakes, with all day bites being reported. Areas with green weeds and the basin holes are key locations. Walleye continue to bite on the larger lakes during low light periods. And some large northern pike are being pulled from the weed lines.

Please note that much of the ice is slushy, and there are layers of slush that have huge air pockets which will impair the strength of the ice. Caution is still needed when heading out. 


Fishing Report 1/3/2020

Please note that much of central and northern Minnesota received a large amount of heavy, wet snowfall earlier this week. This insulating layer of snow will cause ice to grow at a much slower pace, and areas with unstable ice will be hidden from view — before heading out, anglers should consult with a local bait shop, resort or guide service for the most current ice conditions. Anyone that decides to head out should check ice thickness often.

Fishing Report 11/8/19

The area lakes are starting to freeze over.  Take caution in these next few weeks before you attempt to go ice fishing.  Good luck and wait until the ice is safe!

Fishing Report 10/2/19

The fall walleye “bite” has begun. Water temperatures are down and the walleyes are sliding down to the depths too. The fish have been visible (on our Hummingbirds and underwater cameras), but for most of September they would only look at the baits. That’s changing right now and October should be a really good month for putting fish in the boat. Red tail chubs, creek chubs, jigs and minnows or Jigging Rapala’s are all safe bets. Look for the fish about anywhere, but it’s always easiest to find them when they are on the outside edge of the weed line or on or near the mid-lake humps. Crappies are going to start their movements to the deep, muddy holes. They can be fun too!



Fishing Report 9/27/19

Walleye anglers are doing fairly well on Edwards, North Long and Round lakes. Live bait rigs tipped with red tails have been the best presentation. A good night bite is taking place on Gull Lake, especially around midnight. Crappies are very active, with small tube jigs turning the majority of fish. Northern pike are feeding heavily on the weed lines. Anglers trolling muskie jerk baits are having lots of success


Fishing Report 9/20/19

The walleye are establishing fall patterns and the bite has improved dramatically. Anglers are having the most success using red tails on live bait rigs, and casting and jigging rippin’ raps, especially at the windblown edges. Night trolling continues to improve. Anglers are taking large pike from the weed edges. Panfish action remains steady, with the crappie bite getting better by the day


Fishing Report 9/13/19

Some walleye are being taken on the edge of the weeds by anglers long-lining jigs with shiners. Other anglers are taking fish from the deeper structure on live bait rigs or snap-jigging rattling baits.

Large northern pike have moved into the shallows where they are very active. Trolling muskie jerk baits and casting big spinner baits has been effective.

The bluegills have moved shallow, but the crappies have moved deeper. The bass are heading into the reeds and shallow weed flats


Fishing Report 8/29/19

The bite slowed a bit during the recent cold front, but picked up quickly thereafter. Fish of all species are active in the weeds but some walleye are now moving deeper than their usual 10 to 20 foot summer depths.  Large bluegills are schooling up nicely and eager to bite.  Big northern pike are starting to move shallower and can be caught when casting or trolling near downed wood.  Crappies are starting to bite throughout the day.  Bass are very active and are coming from a variety of depths.


Fishing Report 8/16/19

The walleye bite remains best at the weeds, especially on Gull, Round, Edwards, North Long and Alexander lakes, as well as the Whitefish Chain. Anglers pulling crawlers behind blades, setting leeches below bobbers and long-lining red tails are all taking nice fish. There is still a really good night time trolling bite on Gull Lake as well.
Northern pike are becoming more active and moving shallow.  Crappies have moved out of the weeds and are staging on the points. Bluegills are actively feeding in a variety of areas, and the bass remain voracious in all depth ranges.


Fishing Report: 8/1/19


The walleye bite continues to be strong with active fish coming from 8 to 18 foot depths. Crawlers, on a harness or slow-death rig, have been the best presentation, but long-lined red tails and sucker minnows on jigs have also been producing a few fish. A great low light-to-dark trolling bite is being reported.  Crappies are becoming more active at the tips of points. Bluegill can be found in the weeds in the same locations


Fishing Report:  6/12/19

Good morning! It’s a beautiful, cool morning here in the lakes area and we got some much needed rain last evening. Fishing is really starting to fire up as the water temperature is starting to warm, and as the weed growth continues to fill out. We are catching all species right now as the water temperature is in the mid to upper sixties depending on the day and time of day. We have been targeting a bit of everything and most species are located in less than 12 feet of water right now. If you just want action, I would suggest a couple of different presentations. trolling shallow running crank baits over and through the cabbage weeds at 1.5 mph will produce about everything that swims. The slip bobber and leech combination is working for walleye and you will also produce panfish and bass. These next couple or three weeks should be prime for fish catching! If you want to book a trip, call 218-839-5598 or email We also post quite frequently on Walleyedan Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also tune into 102.7 on your FM dial to hear the "Go Outdoors" radio program on Friday mornings at 8:35!


Fishing Report:  5.17.19

Shallow water is where the majority of the fish in the lake will be. The large female walleyes that are out recuperating from just completed their spawn, will more than likely be in deeper water. My focus will be water less than 12 feet and I’ll be covering water by trolling shallow running crank baits. I will certainly have some shiners onboard, but with our clear lakes the fish that are in less than 20 feet will spook quite easily. If all else fails, go crappie fishing! They have been biting quite well!


Happy Fishing!!!


Fishing Report: 4.29.19

Lakes are open, crappies are biting! Water temperature will fluctuate a fair amount this early in the season, but if we get a couple or a few nice days in a row the action will be awesome. My last outing we found temperatures ranging from 50-58 depending on location. Look to the shallow bays and set your float 1.5-2’ and cover water quickly until you find them! Opening day is not far away and I’m thinking it should be decent. The walleyes are finishing up their spawn and as we get to opening day I’m guessing they will be hungry! Trolling or casting crank baits shallow, or jigging or rigging a shiner will be a couple of productive presentations. Look to the channels and the mouths of the river for walleyes and pike.

Happy and safe opener!

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