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Your Next Off-Site Meeting at Whitefish Properties

Plan and Enjoy your Meeting or Corporate Retreat at The Whitefish Properties

The Whitefish Properties can help you host your meeting or retreat. We customize accommodations, meals, your leisure activities and your professional meeting requirements--all in a sequestered setting away from distractions.

Whitefish Lodge & Suites offers 54 lodge style rooms, complimentary daily breakfast and 7,500 square feet of meeting and event space and Whitefish Catering.

Manhattan Beach Lodge offers 19 Lakeside rooms and intimate meeting space on the shores of Big Trout Lake complete with Manhattan’s full-service bar & Restaurant and Whitefish Catering.

Whitefish Catering offers onsite catering at Whitefish Lodge & Suites and Manhattan Beach Lodge as well as off-site catering at your venue, home or office.

There’s a special magic that happens when you get your entire team together, a retreat can help shake up the status quo and get creative juices flowing in an environment that’s not the same 4 walls of your office space or building.

Figuring out each other’s personalities face to face offers helpful information to take back with you. Here are a few helpful tips to make your next off-site meeting or corporate retreat enjoyable and productive.

Budget & Planning

When planning your retreat try to determine a reasonable budget. Consider your company size, activities you want your team to participate in and most importantly where you want to dine or if you want it catered in.

Our Sales department can help you personalize your perfect meeting or retreat no mater the budget size. Contact Crystal Glaser today! (218) 692-2246 ext. 412 or

Making the Most of your Meeting Space

While collaborating in the same boardroom may be okay at the office, incorporating different work environments should be a corporate retreat priority. The same surroundings typically breed the same ideas, and a little change in scenery can really boost the imagination. Whether you choose to take your meeting outdoors along the lakeshore of Manhattan Beach Lodge or around a campfire overlooking a golf course at Whitefish Lodge, hosting your events within unique spaces will increase imaginative work-flow at any meeting.

Take a walk in the woods, listen to the birds, and let the ideas come pouring out. Now, this is a creative working atmosphere where the best work gets accomplished.

While we understand improving workplace cohesion and productivity is the main objective of a corporate retreat, we also know the importance of ensuring each member of your team can provide their peak performance.


Unless your team is comprised entirely of extroverts, it’s important to schedule time to bond together as well as unstructured free time. Spending several high-energy days with your colleagues has the potential to feel draining, so providing your team with choices in how they spend their time will add to employee delight. Just be crystal-clear on which activities are mandatory and which are not.

Groups can find new ways to work together through activities such as golfing, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, kayaking and so much more that the Crosslake area has to offer.

Fuel the Machine

Let’s face it, half of the fun of leaving town – for work, or play – is the excuse to eat delicious, new food. While cheese plates and crackers may suffice at the office, a quality meal at a corporate retreat can only help to “fuel the collective machine” of your organization. Whitefish Properties offers Manhattan’s Restaurant and Whitefish Catering; both of which utilize all the best seasonal ingredients and can meet any of your dietary needs, leaving your employees ready to take on anything the retreat throws at them!

Organizing and executing a company retreat is equal parts exhausting and exhilarating. Our Staff at Whitefish Properties is here to help you pull together the most epic retreat.

We have a great location only 25 minutes from Brainerd - Crow Wing County Regional Airport in Brainerd, MN. Or you can fly into MSP International Airport in Minneapolis and drive to Crosslake. Whitefish Lodge & Suites is a 2.5 hr drive from Minneapolis/St Paul.

Suddenly off-site company meetings don't seem like work anymore, they are now a highlight of your business year.

For more information please contact our Director of Sales & Marketing, Crystal Glaser (218) 692-2246 x 412.

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