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Fun things to do in the Lakes Area as a couple

In the age of Netflix, it seems like couples spend a lot of time binge watching tv together, or just lounging around the house on their phones.

The more fun you have with your partner throughout your years together, the happier your relationship will be over time. It is important to make positive memories with your partner to keep your relationship healthy and thriving.

Sometimes it is difficult to think of new things to do with your partner that can add some fun and adventure to your lives.

Here is a list of fun things to do with your significant other around the Lakes Area on your next trip to Whitefish Lodge & Manhattan Beach Lodge in Crosslake.

Watch the sunset or sunrise Find a beautiful setting, whether in a clear field or on top of a hill, to watch the sunset. Look at the colors of the sky together and slowly watch as the sun rises or settles below the horizon. Manhattan’s is known for its AMAZING sunsets – grab a chair and sit on the beach or if the weather is cooperating dine on the patio during sunset, for the perfect romantic setting.

Bring a picnic to the park Pack up a picnic and take it to a local park. Sit on the grass, watch as other people go by, and enjoy a leisurely meal together outside.

Find a fireplace There are very few things that are more romantic than sipping wine in front of the fire. Whitefish Lodge & Manhattan Beach Lodge both have fireplace sitting areas as well as fireplaces in select rooms where you can snuggle up.

Tour Crosslake Crosslake is special to many that live here year-round. Walk hand in hand through Town Square or visit the Army Corp of Engineers where you can feed the ducks or fish off the pier together. In the fall take a drive around the lakes area for a leafy view that is second to none! Discover why so many love to call Crosslake home.

Drink some champagne Book our Romance package at Whitefish Lodge or Manhattan Beach Lodge! Package includes a bottle of champagne, chocolates and a $75 voucher to Manhattan’s restaurant where you can have a romantic dinner for two.

Build a campfire and make s'mores. Enjoy this delicious treat right out our backdoor, there is nothing more romantic than sitting around a crackling campfire snuggled under a blanket beneath the stars…we even sell s’mores kits in our gift shop!

Take a hike or bike through the woods The trail systems in the area are great for people who love the outdoors. Take a hike in the woods or go mountain biking on some of the best trails in the state at the Cuyuna Mine Pits. While you are there Go bird watching. This is surprisingly romantic. It may seem weird at first but being alone in the wood with your partner is never dull. Click here for a full list of area bird to view.

Take a tour of a local brewery. Not only will you learn something, but you will also get to try some new beers! Check out 14 Lakes Craft Brewing Company located right here in Crosslake!

Go thrift shopping. This is the ultimate treasure hunt! Pick out an outfit for each other that you must wear out to dinner that night! You never know what you are going to find, and it is a fun to do with your partner so you can share the thrill.

If you are in a rut for date ideas, there are a lot of things you can do to shake things up a bit and bond with your partner.

Try a few of these date ideas with the person you love on your next trip to Crosslake and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

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